Avoid colds and flu

With the arrival of cold and constant changes in temperature, our body is more likely to stay with low defenses. In autumn and winter, make a good dose of minerals and vitamins can help prevent or milder symptoms of colds and flu. Here we give a few simple dietary tips to boost your defenses.

colds and flu

Strengthens immunity
Increases Vitamin C: Everyone knows that citrus are a potent source of vitamin C, ideal for preventing colds. So our body needs daily ingest a minimum of 90 to 100 mg of vitamin. Opt for two oranges or one kiwi.

More eggs or fish: Another nutrient that our body requires is selenium. This mineral helps us increase the production of white blood cells involved in defense against viruses. A fish portion provides the necessary amount of selenium. Another option is to include in the diet eggs, whole grains, meat and dairy products.

Antiviral effect: The zinc mineral is more effective in preventing colds and flu, as it is characterized by having direct antiviral activity. For effect, daily eats a handful of pumpkin seeds, a slice of cheese and bread. You can also find this mineral in nuts, seafood, vegetables, rice grains, meats, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Foods that boost defenses
Orange: As mentioned above, two whole oranges offer daily dose of vitamin C and flavonoid antioxidants that help the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria.

Red pepper: It is a perfect ingredient for salads even healthier. Its concentration of vitamin C is triple that of the orange. It also contains other substances that are beneficial to the defense.

Garlic: Possesses antiviral compounds which are also found in the onion. To take full advantage must consume it raw, as the beneficial substances are destroyed with the heat.

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