Insomnia: Tips for sleeping well!

Sleep and rest properly is not always as simple as it sounds. So if insomnia occasionally shows up in your room, we are giving you some suggestions to scare away once and for all.

Not only do we feel irritated and grumpy when, thanks to insomnia, got little sleep. We also occur when for some reason we do not do properly, we woke up tired before we started our day and the trouble with us throughout the entire day. If this scene is repeated frequently, then take into account the following tips to get a pleasant sleep overnight:


  1. Read a book before going to sleep is a classic for a reason: it encourages the dream. By more careful that you keep on reading, after a full day of work our eyes feel tired and wants to sleep.
  2. A glass of skim milk at night, a little bit of dried fruit in the afternoon, a portion of cheese or decaffeinated tea with honey are great alternatives to help you sleep better, because these foods stimulate the dream increasing segregation of hormones responsible for the process.
  3. Take a hot bath just before getting into bed. You will see how your body relaxes completely and get better sleep.
  4. Don’t go to bed with a stomach too full because you will feel heavy and uncomfortable, and will cost you much more sleep. Light dinner is a good key to rest better.
  5. Stay away from the computer at least two hours before bedtime. Similarly avoid using smartphones or tablets very close to your hour of sleep, as the light of the screen could delay the dream and make you lose hour’s necessary rest.
  6. Practices sports, is one of the best ways to drain stress, worry, burn energy and sleep much better, so including the activity in your routine and get rest like a queen.

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