Adolescents with back pain

Many adolescents suffering from back pain. A bad postural hygiene when sitting or sleeping, overweight or sedentary lifestyles are some of the risk factors for this disease. Correcting bad posture habits at an early age is crucial, since adolescents with persistent back pains are at greater risk of suffering from chronic form when they are adults. How?

adolescents back pains

Well, first, it is essential to do exercise to strengthen the back muscles and to prevent overweight. On the contrary, resign yourself to the pain at an early age and allow you to limit your daily activity will not benefit the youth in any way. Many sports recommended strengthening the back but certainly one of the most complete is swimming. Yes, it is important to ensure warm muscles before starting to avoid injury.

In the case of adolescents (or school children in general) is also very important the correct placement of the backpack. In the case of young schoolchildren, you should opt for backpacks with wheels, while adolescents must become accustomed to apply it correctly: with the two straps well placed on the shoulders, stuck to the back and with the weight evenly distributed, which should never exceed 10% of its weight.

Another recommendation is to take special care when sitting, both the desk and on the couch or at the table at mealtime. Keep your back straight and supported by the chair, feet on the floor and legs uncrossed. If you are at the computer, the screen should be at eye level to avoid forcing the cervical area.

Finally, poor posture at bedtime can also cause back pain. The fetal position (side) is the healthiest for the back; while it is not advisable to sleep upside down because the back arches.

In any case, the best advice that can be given to adolescent is leading an active life, as it will have benefits over a lifetime.

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