Why Do You Have A Low Sex Drive?

If you believed everything you read in the media, you would think it impossible that any man could have a low sex drive. Men are sexual beings, aren’t they? Yes, men, like women, are sexual beings. And, like women, men also suffer from a low libido. You could well be one of the many thousands of men that are dealing with this condition, and you want it to stop. To make it stop, you need to understand why the conditions exist in the first place. Below are the reasons why you have a low sex drive and how to treat it.

low self esteem

Low Self-Esteem

Again, this is a condition that most people don’t associate with men. Men don’t care about their looks or about how they feel – they just get on with life. That is a myth because men are just as susceptible to low self-esteem as anyone else. And, like everyone else, it affects their sex drive. If your confidence is low, your sex drive will lower too. The two are directly linked because you feel your most sexual when you feel your most confident.

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is one of the main reasons one in four men go off sex. Again, men are confident beings, and they don’t like it when their confidence shakes. Erectile dysfunction is like a bulldozer to your confidence because it affects your ability to please your partner. As soon as you think you can’t perform in bed, you won’t want to try even. The trick is to figure out how to please each other without using your conventional methods.


Fatigue is a killer for your sex drive because it makes you want to sit around and do nothing. Even the thought of having sex won’t seem as appealing because you will be too tired. When you are tired, there is no way you are going to hop into bed and be as energetic as usual. To negate fatigue, you need to get a good night’s sleep. By going to bed early, you will wake up refreshed in the morning, and that will carry on all day. Eight hours a night is a great way to boost your sex drive.


One of the answers to the question what causes impotence is stress. Stress is similar to fatigue in the sense that you feel too worn down to want to get under the sheets. Because it consumes you, there is no way that you can switch it on and off like a lightbulb. Stress follows you everywhere and affects your entire life, including your sex life. Ironically, a great way to relieve stress is to have sex because it is much-needed exercise. Relaxation techniques are also popular for getting rid of stress, as is taking a break from work.

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