What is Rose Honey? What is rose honey used for? (With brief benefits)

Did they tell you wonders about rose honey and recommend you to take it? What good advice they have given you!

Rose honey is a natural remedy with an exquisite flavor that can help you treat various health problems. Find out what it is for and how to prepare rose honey by reading this article!

What is Rose Honey?

Rose honey is a preparation made from the petals of different types of roses. It is not a honey itself, but it is called that because of its concentrated sweet taste. It has the particularity that it is not made by bees, but you can make it yourself at home, what do you think?

Rose Honey

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In recent times it is becoming more and more popular, to the point that you can find rose honey for sale in various shops: pharmacies, herbalists and diet houses.

The difference between homemade and commercial rose honey is that the former is usually much more concentrated than the latter. You can easily tell this, since its color will be darker and the aroma more intense.

Now, but, what is the benefits of rose honey? Find out in the following paragraphs.

Rose Honey Benefits

The healing properties and benefits of rose honey are closely linked to its high nutrient content, especially amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Rose honey can help you:

Fluid Retention

Thanks to its great diuretic properties, it can help you prevent fluid retention, also improving the kidneys activity and avoiding problems in the urinary tract.


It can be very useful for soothing sore throats, healing canker sores, relieve gingivitis, calming coughs and improving hoarseness.


Due to the high content of enzymes it has, it can help you relieve disorders of the digestive system, improving digestion and avoiding acidity.

To obtain the properties of rose honey, both for the throat and for the stomach and kidneys, I advise you to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and take it on an empty stomach. Wait about 30 minutes to start eating breakfast.


It will also be very useful as a face mask thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. You can take advantage of its benefits when you have pimples, irritated or dry skin.

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How to make rose honey

The preparation of rose honey is very simple, although it can take some time if you take into account the collection of petals. While you can make honey from dried rose petals, it’s best to make it from fresh petals.


  • 10 rose petals
  • Liquid honey 250 grams
  • Glass jar


  • Take a plastic bag of rose petals and remove any insects or weeds from them.
  • Submerge them in clean water and filter them.
  • Place the petals inside a glass jar and fill it halfway.
  • Fill the jar with liquid bee honey and make sure there are no air bubbles. Top off with more honey if needed.
  • Close the bottle and let it infuse for at least 3 days. After this time, when you open the jar again, you will notice how the honey has taken on the soft aroma of rose petals and its color and flavor have also changed.

What is rose honey used for?

Now that you know what rose honey is, what its benefits are and how to prepare it at home. You will be interested to know what rose honey is used for. Well, then I will tell you some of its main applications:

In Babies

Do you wonder what rose honey is for in babies? Keep in mind that rose honey cannot be used, even externally, in babies under two years of age. After this age, it can be applied to the skin, as long as you take care that not to ingest it and you are aware of potential adverse effects.

For the Sores

Instead, rose honey is used for sores in the mouth and lips. It will be enough for you to apply it on the affected area. But be careful, you should not ingest it. Its use is topical and you should let it take effect.

Cosmetic Use

On the other hand, rose honey is used for the skin and hair, from its application in the artisanal production of masks, soaps and other natural cosmetic products, which you can manufacture at home.