How to treat blisters generated by herpes? – Useful health guide

Blisters caused by the herpes virus cause physical and aesthetic consequences, so if you are looking for solutions to eradicate this type of blister, then stay here and we will give you the necessary solutions for this great evil.

How are the blisters generated by herpes?

Before the appearance of the blisters, we must remind you that there is a tingling in the lip or area where it appears, which usually lasts between a few minutes or a few hours.

After this you can see that reddish balls appear, inflammation in the area, in turn these blisters are filled with liquid, which when broken is expelled outwards followed by this that fluid becomes an ulcer.

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And that ulcer becomes a scab, after this, when around 5 and 10 days have passed since its appearance, it falls off, with that, the discomfort ends; on some occasions, the blister may not come out, but the tingling and redness of the area may.

On the other hand, we must be aware of the oral health of our children, since they can also develop this type of affectation, such as viruses in the mouth, hands and feet , so detecting this in a timely manner can help prevent problems later.

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How are herpes blisters transmitted?

Herpes has various forms of contagion, the main source of contagion is through sexual intercourse, with a person who is infected, whether they have symptoms or not; the second form is called oral herpes; which occurs when we come into contact with an asymptomatic person, and when we are babies, it is when we expose ourselves more, because a family member or friend of the parents may be a carrier of the disease, without knowing it, which innocently spreads the baby from oral herpes.

That is why many experts recommend not kissing babies, especially if they are newborns in their mouths, since herpes in some people does not manifest itself, so it is a carrier and can infect the baby, without any intention.

What are the consequences of blisters caused by herpes?

This virus causes pain, inflammation and redness in the area where genital herpes appears; It causes pain, redness and inflammation in the intimate area, but on many occasions there are no symptoms and the person is a carrier of the disease without knowing it.

In turn, these symptoms usually appear between 2 or 12 days after infection, apart from it there is also itching in the genital area, white or red blisters, ulcers and scabs, and in the case of cold sores, they look like small bumps or blisters in the mouth, which are filled with fluid, that when broken form an ulcer, after which they form painful and ugly scabs which can last between 2 to 3 weeks without leaving scars.

Tips to treat blisters caused by herpes

Before indicating what are the tips that you should follow to treat herpes, it is very important to tell you that this blog is only for information, but it is not a medical source, so I recommend that if you have doubts, it is better that you go to your doctor and he recommends the necessary treatment for your illness.

treat blisters caused by herpes

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Pharmaceutical treatments

In this type of treatment, they usually order you to apply ointments to the affected area. This type of ointment includes substances called acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir.

Which must be applied for a period of 7 days and at least apply them 2 or 4 times a day, so we emphasize that this will not cure herpes, only reduce symptoms.

Home treatments to treat blisters

Home remedies are not part of traditional medicine, however, they help reduce pain, inflammation and itching, also helping healing just like ointments.

Therefore, many doctors also recommend this type of alternative, among these remedies we can find; propolis; this home remedy is an excellent ally for the healing of canker sores and the elimination of bacteria, its way of use is to place a few drops on the affected area 3 times a day, until the wound dries.

Calendula tea: Calendula is a magnificent anti-inflammatory that provides effective relief from pain, so it is recommended to take it abundantly, making an infusion of it and in turn also placing compresses soaked with the tea.