Urinary incontinence in women

The problem of female urinary incontinence is leakage that may occur when you sneeze, laugh, or make an effort or exercise.

female urinary incontinence

It is a matter of spilled, socially and psychologically, as it affects the daily activities of the women who are suffering and reduces their quality of life.

The causes of urinary incontinence in women
Urinary incontinence can occur at any age and both sexes. However, it is more common in women than in men. Incontinence occurs when the pressure is greater on the inside of the bladder that the pressure on the urethra.

The types of urinary incontinence
The type of most common urinary incontinence is caused by effort: the loss of urine occurs when there is a movement or activity. Laughing, sneezing, sports, load heavy objects or even standing, can cause the loss of urine either a small trickle or a greater loss of urine.

This type of urinary incontinence affects many women of working age, older women and women who have had more than one pregnancy with vaginal delivery.

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