Tips to identify heart problems

If you want to know if you are a person who may have heart problems, we want to show you some tips that will help you know if you suffer from any heart-circulatory problems that may prevent you perform your activities to 100%.

heart problems

If you have these conditions can be a sign of circulatory problems, which can be in arterial or venous or heart, usually by fat deposits that prevent proper blood flow or congenital problems.

  • If any physical activity such as walking, climbing stairs or exercising feel exhaustion, if you are overweight are more likely to have heart problems.
  • Presents dizziness, whether to stand up or even low pressure.
  • Have difficulty concentrating, blood not flowing freely to the brain causing a deficient oxygenation.
  • Any chest pain, abnormal heartbeat.
  • Falls asleep any part of the body such as the arm, leg, or feet.

If more than one of these signs is probably suffering a heart or circulatory problem, we recommend going to doctor to confirm or disprove the suspicions of any problem. The feed also plays an important role in avoiding such problems and improve heart health.