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Feeding advice to combat the fatigue

There are many tasks that we must deal every day, by what is normal to reach the end of the day absolutely exhausted but what happens when since dawn we feel as well?

combat the fatigue

This scenario is common for many women. Just sounds the alarm, far from feeling full of energy to meet their routine, the feeling is more of utter exhaustion. It seems that fatigue had been accumulated in our bones for years. A good way to beat this silent enemy is lies in our food and our habits, and some tricks that can help us in this task.

Always starts with breakfast. This meal of the day brings you energy to perform your activities in the morning without be dying of sleep and fatigue. You’ll avoid the mid-morning slump that occurs when you have not eaten earlier in the day.

By midmorning also recommended a snack to replenish energy. Something light like a yogurt, a piece of fruit or an energy bar without sugar are excellent choices. Prevents overeating at lunch, feed yourself until you are satisfied but never too full or the heaviness will take over from you and your body will need important energy to digest everything that get swallowed.

Always being hydrated is also important for our body to function well and we’re full of energy, so do not overlook it. And of course, last but not least recommendation is to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, since the lack of nutrients is responsible for that many times we feel weak and without energy.

You know, start your day ready to give everything, full of energy and positivity and watch your routine becomes much more productive and efficient.

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