Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga therapy is a type of exercise that through various techniques to help optimize the health of the practitioner, whether that is disharmonious or damaged by causes ranging from inadequate nutrition to daily stress.

Therapeutic Yoga

Thus, both a cold as a state of anxiety or depression can be cured by exercise, proper breathing and relaxation.

Body care also includes the physical and mental health, therapeutic yoga goes in that direction to achieve harmony integrity that will bring well-being.

Benefits of therapeutic yoga

The benefits of therapeutic yoga are notable especially in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses and those requiring relieve pain and suffering.

Yoga is a type of discipline that includes both physical work and the development of the mental and spiritual part of the individual, the practice of various asanas (postures) is only between 15 to 30% of what yoga is as total discipline.

The rest is related directly with breathing exercises and meditation, as well as purification techniques and even with the attitude that people should take against themselves and the rest of the world.

It has been said many times that yoga is a complete lifestyle that is divided into different parts some of which are the most important and recommended practice. One is to develop a right attitude toward others and all that surrounds the individual and the other is a proper attitude towards oneself, which translates into how the person sees himself and that way is to his own being.

Therefore, a lifestyle leading inadequate improper diet, plus how to relate to others, they are some of the reasons that make humans sick, suffering from stress often becoming dependent on drugs.

Yoga therapy helps the individual to become aware of what lies inside and get this task will be to purify the body through different yoga techniques as a way to reach good health and keep it.

Among the exercises and techniques that are considered in the therapeutic yoga are those of the “eight steps of yoga”. They talk about the breath control, withdrawal of all five senses, developing concentration and targeting elements that achieve a state of meditation spontaneously.

To achieve this therapeutic yoga uses various practices such as postures, gestures, key energy and different cleaning techniques, concentration and yogic breathing, which are used to treat various diseases and physical or mental.

The specialists in the field ensure that haves to yoga as a way of life can conceive the body as a created field from five basic elements fire, air, space, land and water, being the cause of a disease any condition that causes an imbalance in any of them.

Through the chakras, or energy channels associated with different functions in addition to specific endocrine glands and the growth and emotional, spiritual and mental harmony be achieved leaving behind channels that were blocked and were responsible for the emergence of diseases and various ailments.

In yoga therapy can treat physical and mental illnesses and excellent results with people who are stressed, suffer migraines, insomnia, diabetes, obesity or underweight problems.

In addition, this discipline is based on the idea that the disease, in many cases, is caused by the same individual when suffering, his own mind and the way in as he processed the information and emotions run through his body and cause adverse reactions.

As the solution offers this type of yoga, the delivery of the individual to perform more exercises for the mind to the body, so to maintain healthy, clean and purified the body to achieve total harmony.

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