The test of silhouettes, a tool against eating disorders

The test of silhouettes can determine the degree of distortion that a teenager has its own body.

The material, a gallery of images is accompanied by a clinical examination has been developed from analysis of surveys of 1,956 young people aged 13 to 18. The degree of health is measured by the number of hops between the figure that corresponds to one and the one who chooses.

The test of silhouettes, as this tool is called, is designed to work with kids from 13 to 18 years and serves to assess the degree of dissatisfaction that the patient has with their body image.

The test of silhouettes is a clinical examination

The test designed by the research team at the School of Psychology, San Sebastian is a clinical examination, which consists of a series of questions and an evaluation system, and is accompanied by two sets of silhouettes, one adapted to the human figure and the other to the woman.

The person which is subjected to the test chooses the body that considers that it corresponds more with their own. Depending on your response, the specialist assesses the degree of affection.

The only method of diagnosis to the publication of this tool has come to be, which has the danger that the teenager may lie.

With this material, he does not know where the risk does not know the mechanics of the test, so choose what you think.

You may eventually learn it, because they learn everything, but meanwhile we have something that helps us to make an early diagnosis.

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