The reiki: Relaxation and healing with the hands!

Reiki is an Eastern technique of curing diseases that increasingly is having a peak, but still remains largely unknown in the Western world, since, like most of the techniques from the eastern part of the world, still considered something mysterious and little scientific basis, although there is evidence that it is not.


The reiki consists in the healing of physical or mental disorders through the imposition of hands in the affected area. Thus the energy of the person who realizes it is canalized towards the focus of the pain, by acting directly on it and alleviating the problem.

A conventional reiki session lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. It usually consists of laying hands on throughout the patient’s body to achieve the energy centers known as chakras, and so solve the possible disorders. Almost immediately, the patient begins to notice a great relaxation and little by little it sees as some of his illnesses can be solved.

Against popular belief, Reiki is not related to any religion or any kind of ideological belief, is proof that you do not need a special gift or characteristics specific to practice, any person who wishes can learn it in the same way that a doctor or physical therapist learns his profession.

Despite their great ignorance, Reiki is becoming gradually a more medicinal therapy. In fact, in the United States and Britain is not strange since found hospitals including reiki among its services to patients.

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