Cause And Effects of Menopause

People generally know about menopause as a significant change in the female body. But when the question about early menopause or pre menopause is asked, they are unaware of the terms. Many think them to be same but that is not the case. A menopause occurs before fifty generally. If it occurs before forty five, it is early menopause and if before forty, it is pre menopause. Both the conditions are equally devastating for a female as she experiences lots of changes causing distress.

pre menopause

The pre menopause condition may occur naturally or by the surgical method. The natural method is when the ovaries stop producing eggs in a female body. The natural method is called Pre Ovarian Failure (POV). It occurs due to varied reasons leading to the end of reproductive phase of the female body. The other method which is the surgical method involves the removal of female of ovaries forcing their bodies into an early menopause.

Both the causes are annoying. The natural method leads a female to question why the condition has happened to her. She gets infuriated about the fact that she can do nothing about the failure of her ovaries to produce eggs. Also the changes lead to a condition of heavy stress. The stress combined with her helplessness has a grave and serious affect on the mind of a female which is also a reason of early menopause weight gain.

The surgical method is again taken up where the female cannot do much about the fact that she is facing pre menopause. Surgical method is employed if there is ovarian cancer or some other reason which is very serious. Here the surgical removal cannot be avoided and a female has to face it. She is in a way forced to accept her fate causing a lot of emotional turbulences.

It can be seen that whatever be the cause of the pre menopause, the affect on female is stressful. She has to not only accept her new condition but also that nothing could be done about it. It is more frustrating for those who inherit this from their parents. There are chances that the females having gone through the pre menopause due to the natural cause that is the pre ovarian failure can pass on it to their daughters. It will be even more frustrating when they come to know that they have inherited the condition.

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