The benefits of apricot!

In summer you can find it in all supermarkets and greengrocers. And it is a delicious and healthy fruit, which becomes a great option for you and your whole family. See all properties!

benefits of apricot

The apricot is possibly one of the most popular fruits in the world. We find it in juices, desserts, as an ingredient in savory meals and, of course, in its best and healthiest presentation: the natural. Its health benefits are varied, so include it in our diet is a smart choice.

Let’s start with your skin, which provides various nutrients and is an excellent source of fiber that will help you to regulate the intestinal transit, reduce bad cholesterol and control blood sugar levels in the blood.

The presence of vitamin A makes it a major antioxidant, great to combat the aging of cells and maintain our high defenses, because it supports the production of white blood cells.

It contains no sugar and is much more of a light option, so it is a great ally if we’re on a diet and want to eat something sweet. Furthermore, it is composed of water and rich in potassium in our body. The apricot is a good diuretic that will help you to eliminate the accumulation of fluids in your body.

It provides tannins, with inflammations properties, and a good dose of minerals. Everything together makes it a very healthy fruit, the best option to take your work and to include the kid’s meal.

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