Psychotherapy and yoga for healing in our lives

Today’s society are suffering from increasing disease both physically and mentally, and requires powerful solutions to prevent and cure among these solutions include psychotherapy and yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

Humanity now probably through a very difficult time in history, because of living conditions, especially in large cities where the disease is spreading, not just physical but mental, emotional, economic, and relational.

What to do to heal and feel good living?
Two great resources:

Kundalini Yoga: One of the best alternatives to the present day, because it is millennial knowledge but in the previous centuries the Kundalini Yoga had been hidden. Kundalini Yoga is one of the most comprehensive. Mind, body, emotion, and are worked in a single session of this type of yoga; that is the whole of your body. Yoga is one of the alternatives as rapid and complete.

Gestalt psychotherapy: The culture of “achieving” is no doubt a powerful key to our mental, emotional and physical health, and forms of psychotherapy accomplishes this masterfully promote self-sufficiency, restoration of power, emotional and mental freedom.

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