Prefer to eat fruits with empty stomach

Intake of fruit is the only food that makes the brain work. This provides the maximum amount of energy and requires minimum time to be digested, therefore is the perfect food.

eat fruits

The fruit can be readily converted into glucose and fructose which is basically also is mostly water, specifically between 90 and 95%. This means that while always fulfilling the function of nourishing and cleansing the body.

In general people do not know when is the best time to eat fruit and assimilate nutrients from it. In nutritional terms tell you that when you’re with your empty stomach, this will be the right time to eat fruit.

In principle, because fruits are digested in the small intestine and not in the stomach. And it is in the intestine where the sugars are released, so that fruits pass quickly through the stomach to reach the right place. The fruits begin to ferment and would be caught in the stomach if it is that there exists starch, meat or potatoes.

When you eat fruits inadequately, as a dessert after dinner for example, is likely to feel a flavor not pleasant in the mouth and the stomach heavy.

The freshly squeezed fruit juices are also within the option. Fruits passed directly through the blender, though it always fresh. These natural and fresh juices are digested quickly, will make a few minutes later you want to drink more fluids.

The juices that come in glass or tin containers are not recommended, have preservatives and its process and original structure of production make fruits become more acidic.

Start your day eating fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juices, as are foods that cleanse and are easily absorbed by your body. The idea is to keep this option at least until noon, on a daily, regular, or acquire it as a habit.

Try it and you’ll see its worth, you can see that you feel an intense energy and a torrent of vitality.