How to care for eyes in front of the computer

Do you know that headache; fatigue, eye redness and a poor performance can be caused by the effort that our eyes are carried out every day while in front of a computer screen?

care for eyes

Every day that passes more often many hours in front of screens, therefore it is important to take precautions so that does not leave your sight impaired.

The effects can be explained by the very nature of the sense of sight, because as the images on screen do not have the same definition, the user must constantly focus to maintain a sharp image. The result is a repetitive strain on the eye muscles that end up causing a defect of accommodation and the outbreak of the annoying symptoms. In people with vision correction issues as astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia, the eye exposed to long hours, may exacerbate the development of the syndrome and the evolution of your vision problem.

It can also cause insufficient lubrication of the cornea generating dry eye syndrome usually occurs when lowering the number of flashes per minute which usually reach 20 per minute.

Here gives some tips to prevent tiredness in eyes:

  • Locate the computer screen slightly by eye level, about 10 to 20 degrees of tilt and 50 cm away.
  • Keep the display with the highest contrast and in moderate brightness.
  • Use shields reflections or glare filters.
  • For every 40 minutes of work rest 5-10 minutes looking at objects at more than six feet away.
  • Blink regularly to prevent dry eye.
  • If you have indicated optical lenses always working with them.
  • If symptoms persist, you should consult a specialist.