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The truth about carbohydrates

Surely you’ve heard a lot about carbohydrates. Well, in the next article we tell you the truth and clarify all your doubts.

In recent decades has been installing a kind of phobia of carbohydrates. They have been called the forbidden diets and enemy number one if what you want is to lose weight. But, what’s true in all this?

eating carbohydrates

The reality is that carbohydrates are not the villains. Eating foods rich in carbohydrates is not synonymous with fat, so you can quietly enjoy a plate of pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. Carbohydrates are needed in our daily diet, as they give us enough energy to function during the day.

Yes, some things must be clear about carbs, so we can enjoy them quietly. Not all carbs are created equal. There are many types of carbohydrates. The first thing you should know is that carbohydrates can be simple or complex. The simple, raise your blood sugar quickly, while complex take longer to be digested and do not produce these spikes in your bloodstream. Therefore, it is better to consume complex carbohydrates, which are in all the grain products. Prefers pasta and brown rice, as well as black bread or oatmeal for example.

Eating carbohydrates is not synonymous with fat. Here it is necessary to make something clear: if your diet is based only on carbohydrates, you’re likely to gain weight, as if consume in large portions, however the same happens with any food that we eat in excess. If you keep a balanced diet, rich in complex carbohydrates or slow absorption, you’ll stay on your weight. Knowing what your ideal portion of carbohydrates is very simple, it must be of the size of your palm or your fist.

Carbohydrates can be mixed with other proteins. It is Very common to hear that carbohydrates should not be eaten with proteins, i.e., we should not mix rice with meat, for example. But this is not true. Carbohydrates are the fuel your muscles need to function, but for the muscles to develop, need to proteins. Therefore it is important to combine these two foods, as one brings fuel, the other bricks to build muscle. And the more muscle you have, more fat your body will burn.

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