Jump rope to keep you in shape

Jumping rope is one of the most complete exercises to keep the figure you want. It’s cheap, fun and simple. Gives very good results in the short term if you do it right.

jumping rope

This exercise is very entertaining, and you can perform alone or in the company of friends or with your children if you have, to make it more dynamic yet. Skills can do, create a routine, laugh and have a pleasant time together.

To begin this practice you do not need minimal equipment, you can perform anywhere, at any time but the ideal is that you’re comfortable and avoid discomfort. The best practice is to do with running shoes, appropriate clothing (fresh and light) and with the hair taken.

The benefits of jumping rope reside in the work of certain areas of the body and functions to meet are:

  • Expansion of the capacity of the lungs and airways
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Working calves and legs in general
  • Working muscular arms and shoulders
  • Firming muscles of the buttocks and hips.

Jumping rope is contraindicated when:

  • Have a history of back problems or you start to feel some discomfort when you are exercising.
  • When you have bones or breathing problems.

If you have any of these problems, it is essential that you consult a doctor beforehand, before you start jumping rope regularly. Because like most exercises that require some physical effort, may have certain risks.

Although the results are not immediate, that is not the important thing. Take the jump rope as a form of fun, exercise and healthy living. The reward for the effort will come after, take advantage and enjoy the moment.