Physical exercise: What suits you to keep fit

There are plenty of different exercises that anyone can practice in the gym, the outdoors or in our own house, and there is almost always someone who stands fashion and promises to be the panacea, for so all we set out to do. As this is a serious mistake, because depending on the needs of each exercise can be good and bring results, or conversely may be even harmful. It is best to learn on the internet, or an expert in the field, as some exercises can have very serious consequences.

choose exercise

Each person is different, and every body needs a series of exercises, depending on what we want to do. Not the same that wants to lose weight that only wants to stay, and we must take into account problems of each.

How to choose the exercise
The essential thing before exercise is to go to our doctor to get a checkup, and check that everything is in order, as there are sports that require maximum effort, like running, it’s not for everyone, and we do not want to take ourselves any surprise.

Later, if we are able to go to the gym, they will inform us all the exercises that we can do, always communicating to an expert what is our goal.

Any expert in sport will tell us that if we want to start from scratch or a long time ago that we do not exercise, it is essential to start slowly, and then gradually increase the intensity over time, or when our body asks.

If we suffer from heart, not too recommended to perform exercises like running or spinning, in which this organ pumped too much blood and may be affected, the better opt for walking, a great cardiovascular exercise.

If we’re looking to burn fat, opt for any of the above, or if all we want to keep fit, we can opt for yoga or pilates, sports revolution, but always referring to before.

Finally, if we have some sort of back injury, the swimming will be our best ally, or if prefer, exercises with our back to the ground will be very useful.

Do not forget that our diet must accompany the exercise, and that responsibility is always ahead of the sport, so we know everything in moderation.