Obesity and snoring

Snoring is the direct consequence that causes the difficulty of the passage of air in the upper airways. The whole area of the throat collapses easily and when the structures that form the so-called “crossroads oropharyngeal” make contact and begin to vibrate causing snoring.


But if this problem is the fact that the person who snores suffers from obesity and therefore has a greater amount of abdominal fat, the ventilation capacity of the thorax decreases.

While you sleep the obese need better ventilated and that is why open your mouth and snores louder than usual. With the addition that the obese tend to sleep face up to its own weight forces him to do so to be more comfortable.

When snoring is constant airways become blocked and for a few seconds and is not vented and is produced called “sleep apnea”.

As such, it is clear that excess weight can lead to more frequent snoring and a high sound intensity. As you gain weight thin airway.

Following this process the airways can close completely and the person will wake up many times during the night by the feeling of suffocation.

Both the lack of oxygen and sleep can cause serious damage to the brain can alter speech, emotion and coordination. This table can lead to a result worse, as suffering from hypertension, irregular heartbeat and in extreme cases you may suffer from a heart attack.

If the person wakes up with a sore throat or dry mouth in addition to headache is possible that snoring are the reason for all this.

The recommendation is a visit to the doctor for a diagnosis and knows what the source of the problem. In most cases the patient will be admitted to control breathing that will be monitored.

In extreme cases surgery may be resorted to even though it is left as a last resort.

Currently there are alternatives and inventions as a mask that pumps air into the nose and throat while sleeping.

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