Ayurveda, being focused on prevention

Ayurveda is a holistic system of health and focuses primarily on prevention, free of all side effects that may be negative and can treat diseases from its source.


The mind-body connection is essential to maintain and restore health when it is unwell, providing a significant number of techniques that make our own defenses can revive and do so through the body, mind, senses, intellect and the environment.

The Ayurveeda takes the body with three basic principles called “doshas” which must be balanced by providing health and wellness.

The doctor of Ayurveda practices systematic methods, including pulse diagnosis, which is used to make an evaluation and see if there is an imbalance in the “doshas”.

The Panchakarma is the method used for the prevention and treatment of diseases, including massage together with herbs and oils. A truly invigorating experience.

Also, the Panchakarma is intended to eliminate all physiological impurities to prevent deregulated cell function which brings about the loss of health.

Ayurveda offers treatments for the prevention and rejuvenation, with the use of herbs and oils in a gentle massage to allow some time pressure on certain points.

Moreover, the skin is significantly connected with the brain and this type of massage, conducted with the help of two technicians working in total sync.

The total Panchakarma treatment is done in three stages, preceded by a private consultation with a medical consultant for ayurveda.

The stages are as follows:

  1. Pretreatment can be done at home or in the Ayurveda Health Center
  2. Primary treatment is performed in the Ayurveda Health Center
  3. The post-treatment care should be followed at home.

During Panchakarma is not necessary to fast, except on the laxative. Also do not feel hungry while it lasts.

In the pre-treatment is recommended taking any dietary supplement.

The main processing that consists of the heat therapies application that opens the channels of the body and the capillaries.

The post processing is done at home following the doctor’s recommendations.

This is an ideal procedure for insomnia, headaches, mental tension, and anxiety and in general it is recommended to relieve imbalances in the body in general.

Holistic treatments such as ayurveda bring harmony uniting body, mind, and spirit in an indivisible whole.

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