Natural and healthy tips for body building and benefits

A holistic body building workout program along with a perfect diet is quite the process to become a body builder. Planning is essential when it comes to body building – workout times, exercises to be included in the program, what all is to be included in the diet and on and on.

body building benefits

Body building increases muscular strength and adds flexibility to the body. It also strengthens bone & ligaments and significantly decreases the cholesterol level. And the most important advantage of body building is that it improves physical and mental fitness considerably.

Food foundation for body building
A bodybuilding diet has to be assessed in terms of foods and proportions of macro-nutrient composition to be included. Consuming plenty of proteins is a must for all bodybuilders which range from 1gm for regular to 2gm per pound for hard gainers. At least 6 raw eggs should be included in the daily diet regime of a bodybuilder.

Taking in sufficient amount of carbs allows your body to fuel itself when you are training hard. Include more of slow-digesting proteins like whole grain products and sweet potatoes for long-lasting energy. Intake of simple carbs is recommended only after a workout as it encourages body to store these carbs in the form of body fat.

Instead of taking saturated and Tran’s fat, switch to healthy fats particularly monounsaturated which are perfect for bodybuilders to have. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish and flaxseed oils are great for building tissue and staying lean. If you are into bodybuilding then you must be knowing about the importance of drinking lot of waters every day.

Disciplined workouts for body building
Emphasizing on lifting more weight to the bar over time helps in muscle gain faster. The priority of a body building program must be lifting heavier and heavier weights in each workout. If you are in a false believe lifting to failure each set then you should know it is going to be of no use instead it results in nervous system fatigue. Concentrate more on compound exercise to maximize your potential and to get the most out of your workout.

There are many tips which are as important as above but I found these to be very important for beginners. Being a personal trainer, I think that you without supervision of an experienced trainer don’t do workouts. This may harm your tissues and muscles.

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