Egg yolk: Hazardous and harmful!

It says everything about this food, but recent studies have shown that excess egg yolk can be much more damaging than we think. Find out why it is not good for your health abuse the yellow part of the egg.

egg yolk

We love fried eggs, if it is accompanied by potatoes and meat better. Not to mention the delicious omelette or croquettes. In addition to being divine and caloric, these foods are a common ingredient: the egg, an active part of the diet.

But according to research conducted over a thousand patients in the prevention of vascular clinic of London, this food could be more harmful than we think.

Three egg yolks or more a week are enough to jeopardize our hearts significantly, mostly due to the amount of cholesterol that is in it. But the clear is not dangerous, why is common to find an active part of many diets and weight loss plans.

The egg yolk increases plaque buildup in our hearts being an important trigger for various heart diseases. This occurs due to excess cholesterol, fat and calcium present in it.

This does not mean that we should completely remove the egg from our diet, just moderate its consumption to more than two a week, if you suffer from high cholesterol or the tension you should consult your doctor about its ingestion. Remember that everything in excess is harmful, even though we love it.

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