Jacobson Method: Learn this method of progressive relaxation

Who denies the pleasure of enjoying a few minutes of relaxation? It is not a trivial matter, on the contrary, our body needs and body relaxation, among other reasons, to combat the effects of stress, the anxiety or nervousness. Not only the rhythm or lifestyle can provoke stress, also the physical and vital changes that we will be facing throughout our lives. The Jacobson method is based on the principle of stress/relaxation muscle.

jacobson method

Before starting the session, should follow a series of preparatory tips such as choosing a comfortable place, best in the evening; wear comfortable clothing and ensure that the temperature is adequate. Good to accompany the session with soft music and dim light and, if possible, do it sitting in a chair or stretched out on the bed.

The steps to follow for the session are:

  • Lift one arm and hold it up for at least a minute, until we notice that weighs, and tighten all the muscles before dropping. Once relaxed, not moving, trying to capture the feelings that occur when muscles contract.
  • Perform the same exercise progressively with the rest of the muscles of the legs, belly, neck, chest and head.
  • When we got to the face, the muscles contract, tightening the lips, closing eyes tightly and tighten the jaws to relax your entire face.
  • A simple technique that will help us relax and feel free from stress.

Relaxation: Learning to breathe
To relax, learn to breathe is fundamental, in fact it is one of the keys of the physical techniques. The first step is to become aware of our breathing rate and breathing is not always the same. To learn to breathe in a relaxed way we can follow a series of recommendations, including:

  • Reserve a daily time and choose a quiet place.
  • Sit with the well supported or laying on the bed back. A pillow under the feet helps to relax faster.
  • Pay attention to the sensations of our body and follow the path of the air, since how it enters through the nose to how is removed.
  • Place one hand on chest and one on belly, making a deep breath and pausing at each step. Not about to stop breathing, but to focus on the entrance and exit of the air in a calm way.

It is advisable to perform these exercises at least ten minutes a day. The evidence that the effects will be more beneficial.