How to Find a Dentist When Moving

Moving can be a very stressful time in your life, especially if you happen to be relocating to another state far from home. While finding a new dentist or doctor might be one of the last things on your mind, once things settle down it will be that time again to schedule a checkup. Things will go smoothly if you’re well-prepared for the search. Here are some tips designed to help you find a new dentist who will meet your family’s needs and your expectations.

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Ask Neighbors and Co-Workers
You’ve probably already become acquainted with a few new neighbors and coworkers so take the time to ask them if they could recommend an area dentist for your family to use. The best dentists don’t typically need to advertise much as they receive the majority of new patients from referrals. If you do get a few names, jot them down so you can check websites online.

Check Your Dental Coverage
If you have dental insurance, check it over carefully to see if there are any in-network dentists in the area. If so, then a majority of the work is done for you as you’ll only need to sort through this list to find a dentist that best meets your needs. If your insurance policy allows you to use any dentist, then you’ll need to continue your hunt. Many people who move check with their area’s branch of the American Dental Association or ADA so consider this option as it’s an easy way to sort through dentists in a particular area.

Consider the Dental Needs of Everyone in Your Family
When choosing a family dentist, it’s important to consider the needs of each of your family members. For instance, if you have small children, it would be beneficial that they regularly see a pediatric dentist. If you have teenagers in your household who may be in need of braces, then you’ll need to find a dentist that provides orthodontic services. Adults like yourself may require dental implants, partials or bridges so be sure the dental practice you choose offers these types of dental treatments.

Be Sure the Dental Practice is Conveniently Located
If you were to choose a dental practice that’s located quite a distance from where you live, it will be difficult to schedule appointments and to get dental care when you need it. That’s why you should focus on finding a dentist that’s located just a few minutes drive from your home. It’s also important that the dentist you choose offers convenient and flexible office hours that include some evenings.

Visit the Practices You’re Interested In
Most dental practices don’t mind if prospective patients drop in to have a look around. Once you’ve found a dentist you’re interested in using, take the time to drop by the office for a short visit. Pay attention to how the office environment looks and to how the front office staff speaks to patients. You should get a good feeling about a top dental practice that features a friendly, comfortable and modern office environment.