How to sleep better during pregnancy

Sleep in pregnancy can become an ordeal, especially in the last quarter. Frequent urination, cramps, reflows, not getting comfortable, are all factors during pregnancy, especially in the last quarter, greatly complicate the desire for a good rest.

sleep during pregnancy

In the latter part of pregnancy, be comfortable in bed and enjoy a long and relaxed sleep can often be tricky for many women.

However you need a good rest during pregnancy, so you can make an active daily life, and we must not forget that when the baby comes, sleep will cost more on a run.

Tips for better sleep in pregnancy
There are some tips that can help ensure a comfortable sleep and rested.

Sleeping on one side: If you are used to sleeping on your back or stomach, is a habit that we must eradicate. When sleeping on your back, the swollen uterus presses on the vein that carries blood from the legs to the heart and this often entails low back pain, chest discomfort, tachycardia or palpitations. The best way to sleep during pregnancy is by putting aside. Ideally, start practicing these positions from the beginning of pregnancy, and, when we reached the final stretch of it, as usual we have to.

Pillows and Cushions: There are commercially cushions shaped like a wedge, which are to be used during pregnancy, allowing the belly support while sleeping. And at the end of pregnancy when the belly is already big and the baby positioned head located between the bones of the pelvis, gives excellent results place a pillow between the thighs.

Corsets & Bodices: Due to growth that have suffered the breasts that are preparing for breastfeeding, tends to be of great help in recent months, the use of bodices or hold at bedtime, although we never used bras for break time.

Tranquility: The anxiety for the arrival of the time of birth, can cause insomnia, in such a case, a warm bath of immersion is recommended to relax the muscles and invite to sleep.

Massage: The back rubs, neck and legs with oils help relax the body and also invite an intimate moment with your partner.

Room: A dark room with no noise and an ideal temperature, form a excelete space to rest.

Drink: It is recommended to drink less liquid during dinner, early dinner, do not drink coffee not forget urinating before bedtime, and if possible take a bath or a warm shower before going to sleep.

Reflux: It is advised to sleep with the upper body a little high.

Nutrition: Consume calcium, minerals and vitamins, help reduce cramps that occur in different parts of the body.

All these tips will help you sleep better during pregnancy, try to apply as much as possible, are not so complicated.