How arthritis occurs

The arthritis occurs when one or many joints are inflamed for various reasons. The joint is midway between two bone structure moving separated by a layer of slippery character.

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Why do our joints ache?
The joints ache due to injury or various kinds’ diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common disorders today, and makes the joints from becoming much more rigid than normal, pain will increase day by day who suffer from it.

Inflammation by the bags is the most common cause of arthritis. The bags (or sacks) fill with fluid from birth and get bigger, but the liquid is not there purely aesthetics, but are used for cushioning and pillow effect between the two bones that meet the joint. This also allows our tendons to move freely around the bone without any friction.

Cartilage is responsible for our joints to move freely and completely smooth, avoiding blows between them. This cartilage, the reduced amount, creates more tension and friction between bone and blood, creating the well-known and hated pain in the elderly. In many cases cause swelling, in most advanced stage of the problem.

The joint pain occurs mostly after 45 years old, and appears in both men and women alike.

How to treat arthritis?
Joint inflammation (or arthritis) will disappear once we treat the cause of such inflammation with medications prescribed by our family doctor. Often becomes chronic arthritis not to treat early, and osteoporosis contributes to wear more quickly from these joints. Little or nothing we can do if we move this disease without adequate medical visit at the beginning of the symptoms of pain.