How to Read on the Computer Screen Without Eye Strain

Reading through the computer screen is a normal activity, but it is common for eye strain. Here are some suggestions to try to reduce these effects.

read on the computer screen

Symptoms of eyestrain when reading on screen
Many people read regularly on the screens of their PCs. A computer has many advantages, but the LCD screen is not the most advisable to read for hours without eyestrain.

Some of the symptoms that warn us that reading on screen are affecting the view are the effects on the eyes, because the swamps reddened and/or itchy, with watering, and the more we scratch more annoying. In addition, there may be occasional headache, as well as dizziness, difficulty to easily find the point of reading, or appear to gather the lines or the words in a blurred vision, among other signs.

Tips for reading on PC without tiring view
From the outset, we should note that the PC screen is not the best place to read, since it is manufactured in LCD, a material that is not done just for a comfortable and continued reading.

If you are required to read a long document on your PC, not to tire your eyes, never do a stretch. Every hour or hour and a half you should rest about 10 minutes completely, but if this is not possible, try to look away off the screen even if twenty seconds each little time.

On the other hand, the computer screen should be large, clear, and be clean. It also avoids the sun reflections that hinder vision from the screen, and likewise do not strain to read the letter very small; performs a zoom for this.

The lighting in the room where you work is also important not to tire the view: nor should it be completely dark, but not excessive. Opt for lighting according to your PC monitor.

Other reading alternatives
As said, read on the computer screen without eye strain is impossible, unless it is only for a few moments.

In the case of working papers, cannot always be looking for alternatives, but for reading as a hobby, we recommend doing this in ebook reader. We should be sure that is e-ink, which is the technology that not tiring the view.

In the same way, we can go to read on electronic devices and make it as life has become: with paper books.

One last suggestion is to replace the ebooks for audiobooks, meaning that instead of reading the writing as we can comfortably listening from our MP3 player or similar, without the need for vision at all.