How to combat insomnia naturally

Insomnia, lack of sleep, and rest disturbances can be caused by many different factors, such as the one we are going through particularly disturbing situations (nerves, problems at work, doubts, etc.), or medical circumstances.

combat insomnia

Fortunately there are some natural solutions to combat insomnia, with which we will achieve a deeper and effective rest, without using aggressive therapies or medications that could turn out to be, ultimately, harmful to our bodies.

First, we must determine the possible cause of our insomnia. Whether it is environmental factors, If it is environmental factors, we must put an end solution before to establish new help methods. For example, the temperature of the body and the room should be corrected to taste, by sleepwear and bedding according to daily details.

If there is light, uses blinds, curtains, and even personal masks. The noises (such as transit, environmental noises, barking dogs, etc.), can be corrected blocking their entry with auditory insulation systems, and even with earplugs from foam, which cause us pain at night.

If the causes of our insomnia are due to medical factors, such as illness or a side effect to a medication that we consume, we should consult a professional to make a modification to the active drug or the dose, or other consideration of the physician. It is very important, especially in these cases, not using muscle relaxants, sedatives or sleeping pills without consulting a doctor, because we could make the problem worse, and even have serious consequences on our health.

Some homemade solutions to cure insomnia suggests that we should create a healthy sleep routine, and avoid consuming stimulants (including caffeine and other) several hours before going to sleep. Also set a schedule for sleep and rest, to accustom your body to it, and consume tea with soothing properties. Another option is to apply aromatherapy against insomnia, or routines of relaxation before going to sleep, unplug our body daily activity.

It is also important to go to bed when we sleep, and not before. Staying awake in bed will not help our problem. Also we should go to bed on an empty stomach or after a light meal. If we go away to sleep with the still full stomach, we will disturb so much our sleep as our digestion.