What is the best time for exercise?

Morning, afternoon, noon … each schedule is optimal for exercise. But is there one that is better than another?

There are those who exercise first thing in the morning, those who do at noon, and those who go to the gym or to the club in the late afternoon, just when leave the office. Who of all of them you think chose the right time to exercise?

best time for exercise

The best time to do any physical activity is after two hours of eating, and after a good night’s sleep. Try to have enough time later to freshen up and relax the body before returning to daily occupations. So, there is no “one hour” most appropriate, but a “moment” ideal for exercise, which will depend on each person.

Given these details, we define general rule that the best time for exercise is after sleep and breakfast, before going to work, starting the day with the greatest of the energies and efforts to be well for the rest of the day. But we should also make time to relax before going to sleep. This is important as exercise in the second half of the day “lift” your energy and can disrupt your ability to sleep.

Benefits of doing morning exercises
If you realize you favor morning exercises burning calories and the best overall metabolic function. Exercising in the morning can energize the body and prepare it for the daily demands and facilitates better concentration in all activities, including exercise, since first time we have not faced the concerns and obligations of the day.

Another advantage is that in the morning the weather is cool and low air pollution. But always remember exercising after breakfast.

Benefits of doing exercises at noon
If you perform exercises at noon or in the first half of the afternoon you will notice that the temperature of your body and your hormone levels are at their peak. Exercising at this time will improve your appetite and improve blood flow to the rest of the day, when most needed. We also allow, if necessary, free from the stresses of work, but if your labor is prolonged after the gym you may notice that your energy and productivity decrease slightly.

Benefits of exercise in the afternoon
Exercising in the afternoon lets you achieve resistance activities in a better way. Your body, your hormone levels are in the best time to do gymnastics, but work schedules and concerns often prevent concentration on the exercise at this time.

In the afternoon the body reacts better to the demands, and you’ll notice that puts less that when exercising in the morning. However, your life cycle can be altered by raising the energy in these hours.

The best time of each
Although there are optimal schedules and more productive for physical exercise, the truth is that everyone has an inescapable daily agenda. The first step in defining the time of the exercise is, however, define the schedule of activities, such as work and school procedures and tasks.

As well, you can accommodate the rest of your activities: wake up before, release certain days and do what you may be more appropriate to integrate the exercising to a optimal times according to your daily routine.