Hair loss affects the morale of the men

When the hair falls, men seem to lose some of their manhood. This is the conclusion reached by a study conducted among men with alopecia. Becoming bald has a direct impact on male self-esteem. This may even have consequences in relation to seduction. But this loss of confidence is not hopeless.

Hair loss affects

Hair loss
Apparently, men live ill the issue of alopecia. More than 62% think that alopecia affects the self-esteem. Moreover, they have the feeling of being less secure than those others who do not suffer this type of hair wear.

Seduce any price
This hair loss also affects the love life. Indeed, Europeans have fairly frequent symptoms of alopecia. 7 in 10 men thought that this model combing problem directly affects the power of seduction. Moreover, this is also a problem for those who still suffer, but think that someday suffer.

One in three men thought to those who have a nice hair are more seductive power than those who are balding.

Possible Solutions
To address the phenomenon of hair loss, men should resort to some subterfuge, sometimes surprising. The typical strategy is to keep a shorter hairstyle, or even shaving her head, as do many football stars or singers. Others choose to wear a cap. But most surprising of all is that compared to baldness, many men are put to practice some type of sports activity.

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