Omega 3 for healthy aging

Cardiovascular disease, depression, mood swings, diabetes… these are some of the most common diseases that occur with age. But against these enemies, the Omega 3 presented like authentic very efficient allies. Discovering how these essential fatty acids help to age with good health.

cardiovascular disease

The hopes based on the Omega 3 seem endless. You really can help aging healthily? Still more research is needed, before declaring victory. But, as demonstrated by some of its many benefits. Omega 3 is likely to slow down certain age-related diseases. A small medical revolution can promote longevity of life.

Omega 3 and Cardiovascular Disease
The history of the Omega 3 dates back to the year 1800, when a French scientist Michel Eugene Chevreul, the father of the biochemistry of lipids, became interested in organic animal fats. Later, many researchers have continued to study its properties. In the 90’s, many studies made it possible to discover that the intake of Omega 3 favored reducing the risks of heart attack and significantly reduced cardiovascular mortality.

Cardiovascular diseases are many and our lifestyle is not conducive to the decline. Over-eating, alcohol abuse and physical inactivity are the enemies of the heart. A healthier life associated with consumption of fatty acids can profoundly change their status.

Indeed, the Omega 3 can decrease blood pressure in people with this provision. With age, fat settle in the arteries of the heart. But the intake of Omega 3 attenuates the amount of triglycerides in the blood, a class of lipids that, in case of excess, contributes to the development of heart disease.

Finally, people who have a prior cardiovascular disease may benefit from use of these essential fatty acids, since they reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality.

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