Gymnastics Abdominal Hipopresiva

Gymnastics Abdominal Hipopresiva is a set of postural techniques, which causes a pressure drop intra-abdominal, a synergistic activation of the muscles of the perineum and the muscles of the abdominal area.

Gymnastics Abdominal Hipopresiva

In the long term, daily implementation leads to an increased tone of the pelvic area and abdomen, significantly reducing the risk of urine leakage in women.

Studies show that the intensive use of traditional abdominal exercises can significantly increase intra-abdominal pressure and have dire consequences on the perineal support, in the medium term. In short, the consequences depend on individual factors and functional and morphological type of exercise performed.

The daily use of the techniques hipopresiva (20 minutes per day) for six months, significantly increase the base shade and tone pelvic floor load and reduces the waist by 6% on average.

In general, studies show that the exercises have a tonic hipopresivos on the pelvic floor and abdominal area, and therefore are highly recommended in the prevention of future functional derangements at the pelvis and the perineum.

Similarly, hipopresivos exercises have a beneficial effect on the venous circulation of the lower limbs. Proven that decrease significantly the disturbance of urination or urinary incontinence caused by the effort. Therefore, it is recommended complementary therapeutic use of these exercises in cases of functional disorders.

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