The virtues of the cucumber on the Mediterranean diet

The cucumber is the quintessential food of any self-respecting regime. However, many people who complain of being a product indigestible. Despite this small drawback, you recognize virtues anticancer properties and excellent care skin tone.


The cucumber and slimming regime
Cucumber is a fresh vegetable. Composed of 95% water, is part of food that have less calories. Therefore, it is an excellent ally for those who undergo a hypocaloric diet to lose weight, besides being an excellent satiating to suppress hunger.

For your intake is effective in a weight loss regimen, it should be chewed properly. Chewing helps, too, the feeling of satiety. The result helps to eat less throughout a meal, already feel less hungry later.

The cucumber and its properties to prevent cancer
Cucumber contains cucurbitacin C. It has anti-inflammatory molecule that can inhibit the growth of some cancer cells.

However, this molecule is what gives the taste of bitter cucumber that some people do not support. To opt for this reason, less bitter cucumbers, the end stop eating the molecule is most beneficial to the organism’s cells.

The antioxidants in the skin of the cucumber
Cucumber contains antioxidants, molecules that help the body to neutralize free radicals. The latter, when present in excess, are harmful to cells involved in the development of cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, and diseases related to aging.

However, antioxidants are present in the skin of the cucumber, and we can only benefit from them if we eat the cucumber with the skin. As cucumbers are grown with few pesticides, we can eat the skin without compromising our own health.

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