Ultrasound used to relieve chronic pain

There are two distinct forms of the acute pain caused by trauma such as physical and chronic disorders that can cause a person for years, and is currently used ultrasound to relieve chronic pain.

chronic pain

Acute pain can be caused by physical trauma and is usually treated with analgesics.

Reason for study, this type of pain according to the researchers is actually a behavioral state that begins with the actual injury but where the pain lasts more than enough time and then become pathology.

Patients suffering from arthritis for example depends on analgesics are powerful enough to soothe the pain and this commonly come a situation that becomes cyclical pain from inactivity and finally to depression.

Because of this constantly looking for other ways or methods to relieve chronic pain and ultrasound used to relieve chronic pain is presented as a viable alternative.

Type used in post-traumatic disorders of soft tissues, ultrasound is also a solution to reduce the risk of adhesion formation, to use this method, the lack of pain allows the patient will recover more quickly and recover and use of the party affected thereby making it much more tolerable symptoms.

For example, inflammation being treated with ultrasound respond very positively as one of the special character applications are made ​​with this method is called sonophoresis, a procedure that allows the introduction of drugs into the body using ultrasonic energy.

This treatment has proven to be very useful for the treatment of chronic pain that do not respond to other treatments, besides being beneficial when the patient has a picture of hypersensitivity in the tissues which makes it impossible to use the traditional method by applying the drugs on the skin through massage.

Ultrasound works through compression and expansion periodic oscillations of matter that are propagated at a given speed and the vibrations that occur at a frequency above 16 cycles/second can not be perceived by the human ear.

At present this type of treatment has an important place within the physical therapy primarily because it has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic important.

When the ultrasonic wave passes through the body is decreased in intensity due to the absorption that converts the energy into heat and ultrasonic dispersion and the wave is dispersed gradually as it passes through the tissues.

Although apparently the application of ultrasound is simple, do it properly takes training to learn the principles and operation of the ultrasonic beam in the tissues and conditions. Therefore, if there are therapeutic failures should be purely and simply a lack of information or because we have used a technique of application was inappropriate.

Among the beneficial effects produced by therapeutic ultrasound on biological tissues are for example the thermal effects, mechanical and biological effects.

Recent discoveries have found that it also has the property of stimulating the functioning of the endocrine system and linked directly with the release of endorphins and noradrenalinas producing a relaxing effect.

Today ultrasound is frequently used to treat acute and chronic pain in those conditions related to the musculoskeletal system.

For treatment with sonophoresis uses the direct and continuous wave, being more than sufficient to place a small amount of medicine to the skin and then add the coupling gel, then the head moving in small concentric circles, having a duration of 5 to 10 minutes when it is a standard treatment, because after that time the medicine is absorbed through the skin and can penetrate up to 6 inches of profanity being much higher than the penetration achieved by applying the traditional method.

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