Ginseng: Tonic and restorative

It is one of the herbs most known and used primarily to recover energy during times of fatigue or decay, but it is not its sole proprietorship or therapeutic effect, because the ginseng also increases the defenses, helps reduce inflammatory processes and combat effects of stress and nervousness. In addition, this is an herb that can be given different uses, both culinary and cosmetic chapter, since it has a revitalising effect on the skin.


Ginseng is a native herb to China but which has spread across the world thanks to the countless properties and therapeutic effects attributed to it. Tonic or adaptogen and restorative, ginseng is the herb used to recover lost energy, combat mental fatigue and activates brain activity. That is why ginseng, for example, is most often used during examination periods or those times when work demands a grass intellectual exertion. Similarly, ginseng also helps us relax and free from the tension of stress, anxiety or a specific episode of nervousness. In other words, it improves the ability of our body to cope with a stressful situation.

Ginseng, and especially its root, is a natural and extraordinary source of energy, so that in times of decay or fatigue can be a good remedy. And although in time of heat it can be difficult to think about intolerance at the low temperatures, combat mental fatigue, ginseng, for its energetic effect, helps us to combat them. The root has just undergone multiple studies thus finding that contains, among other things, minerals, essential oils, carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids and Phytoestrogens.

Ginseng to reduce cholesterol
It may be one of its effects or more unknown properties, but this herb is also advisable to reduce the naturally high levels of cholesterol and glucose. In addition, ginseng helps to strengthen and improve the defenses inflammatory processes.

It should be noted that its use is not only therapeutic, because ginseng is an herb that can be used in the kitchen (in the East is used as supplement to broths or soups, for example) and in cosmetics, and creams enriched with ginseng help revitalize the skin and delay the effects of aging.

Although this is a grass, before following treatment with ginseng is advisable to consult the doctor, especially to determine the dose required in individual cases, as well as the duration of treatment. Experts advise not to take ginseng over a month and a half afterwards, resting for months before repeating again, just as it is not advisable in case of pregnancy problems or hypertension. This is mainly due to its exhilarating effect.

One final effect of ginseng is that it also helps to improve desire, since been attributed aphrodisiac properties in the case of men.