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Sweat: How to prevent heat in summer

With the high temperatures and the sun of summer, sweat becomes a constant companion during the day. This is cause for much concern, because we feel embarrassed when we sweat, because we fear what people might think of the sweat marks on the shirt, if smell bad…

It is very difficult to avoid sweating during the summer and also sweating is a physiological process that the body needs to regulate temperature, but there are some tricks to prevent sweating is excessive and could become a problem in our social relations.

prevent excessive sweating

Sure that ever has not raised hands for fear that you had sweat marks in the armpits or close to someone in summer you felt insecure about your smell, Here are a few tips so sweat does not become your most recurrent nightmare this summer.

How to prevent excessive sweating

The excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a problem that has 3% of the population and that is that a person sweats exaggerated manner but is not in a hot environment. Their causes range from stress to hormonal problems. It usually occurs on the palms of the hands, in the feet or in the armpits.

However, we can take some measures to prevent excess sweat can become a work or personal problem, especially in this era of so much heat.

  • The use of antiperspirant deodorant, the use of creams for this problem or go to a specialist to prescribe you a specific medication are some measures you can take.
  • In case these measures do not take effect, you can go to more specialized treatments such as Iontophoresis. This technique uses electricity to turn off the sweat gland. It is mostly used for hands and feet. If you are interested in this therapy, you should know that lasts from 10 to 20 minutes and is performed in several sessions.
  • The Botox, in addition to its demand for cosmetic surgery is also very effective in preventing sweat. Used in the armpit and treatment consists of block during a time the nerves responsible for producing sweating.
  • Another treatment, this final, is the Cellulaze Laser. The best treatment in terms of results but has its drawbacks as high price and serves only to underarm area.

By taking these steps, get your body does not produce too much sweat, despite being in summer. Try some of them and see how the problem of excessive sweating disappears.

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