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Children’s Oral Health: Prevention Tips

It is estimated, according to medical data, it is estimated that one of every three children under six years of age have or had cavities in the teeth. A fact confirms the importance of continuing a series of preventive measures from childhood. Measures not only hygienic, i.e., on proper cleaning of the teeth and mouth, also diet. Cavities, or the progressive destruction of the tooth, not related to age, can appear at any stage.

child oral health

It is also includes the milk teeth, because the children teeth is also vulnerable to suffer one of the most common oral health problems. Factors such as dental plaque bacteria, the degree of susceptibility of our teeth and feed (in acidic foods such as soda or ketchup or fermented carbohydrates, like candy) contribute to demineralisation teeth of teeth and thus to the onset of decay.

Cavity causes the progressive decay of tooth destruction, starting enamel. By affecting other layers of the teeth can cause pain, especially through contact with food or hot, cold liquid or with sugar. In the case of children, dental problems like tooth decay can cause not only pain, but also difficulty of eating and sleeping, digestion problems, increased irritability and difficulty in playing and communicating.

The oral health care is important since the appearance of teeth, prevention must be maintained when permanent teeth out. In the same way that children learn healthy eating habits tend to keep them when they reach adulthood, in tooth care happens something similar.

The best model for the younger members of the house is the parents. At first, you have to help them brush their teeth, and as they get older, let them go doing it alone, using brushes and special toothpaste and adapted them. Remember, it is important that brush teeth after each meal, especially before bedtime. Brushing is to be effective it should last more than two minutes. We must also change the brush at least every three months and once a year go to the dentist for oral health check.

A few simple tips that followed since childhood, help reach adulthood with a healthy set of teeth and a mouth care. In addition to tips are also applicable to the care that we must follow to not lose the smile as we aged.

Oral health and nutrition
Another important aspect of children’s oral health is feeding. It is advisable not let overeating foods and sweetened beverages, especially before bedtime. After taking them, it’s good to brush teeth. In the case of the smaller, we must not put them to bed with the feeding-bottle, especially if it includes a sweetened food, since it can favor the appearance of the cavities.

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