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Dialysis is a life saving treatment for the patients who are suffering from critical kidney disease. The treatment is used to replace the normal kidney functions such as purify the blood in human body and keep a balance of water and minerals including calcium, potassium, phosphorus etc.

dialysis treatment

Kidney is a very important part in a human body. It removes wastes, excess of fluids, toxin and salt from the blood. Further, it regulates a level of water and minerals. The kidney is an essential part of endocrine system than produces such hormones that keeps our bones healthier and plays a vital role in building new red blood cells.

If the kidney gets damaged due to any reason it causes several health problems and sometimes it is very difficult to live a happy life until we find a better replacement of a damaged kidney. In case of a kidney failure, all wastes and unwanted elements must be removed from our body by anyhow; otherwise it may cause several serious problems.

Our kidney can get damaged due to several reasons such as:

• Diabetes
• High Blood Pressure
• Glomerulonephritis
• Malaria
• Long-Term Experience to Lead, Solvents and Fuel
• Weaker Immune System
• Inborn Kidney Disease
• Physical Injury, Such As a Heavy Blow to the Kidney
• Pyelonephritis
• Jaundice
• Over Consumption of Some Medications
• Yellow Fever.

In most of cases it is very difficult to recognize the symptoms of a kidney disease unless it gets damaged up to 80-90 percent. Even a person can lead a normal life if his one kidney or both kidneys are working partially. This is the reason that many of patients come to know about their kidney disease at the last stage.

However, these are some of the symptoms that might be present in case of a kidney failure:

• Exhaustion
• Skin problem
• Breathing problems
• Vomiting
• Erectile dysfunction
• Frequent need to urinate
• Swelling
• Urine infection.

If somebody notices any of above mentioned symptoms he must immediately consult with a doctor and if these symptoms relate to a kidney disease, a better treatment must soon be found out to ensure continue living.

Although, dialysis treatment cannot do all that functions that a normal kidney does, but by taking this treatment, patient can lead an active and comfortable life.

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