3 simple tips against fatigue

It is rare these days to see someone who is never exhausted. So we try to find miracle cures that would give us fishing. We can find promising drugs often ineffective. Dietary supplements are great and have good reputation. But have we ever needed? Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? Yet simple changes have the power to improve your life.

tips against fatigue

What is the easiest activity in the world and fatigue which least? A hint: it gives you the form and you do every night … it is obviously sleeping. Why not do it more often? I think a nap. It is frowned, but well practiced; it can give you the energy to finish your day. It is necessary to make the nap at the beginning of after midday, and above all it must be short. 15 to 30 minutes is the maximum, otherwise you will get the desired opposite effect.

Many people prefer the coffee with the nap. Especially after lunch, this is not really a problem. Coffee consumption is bad if it takes to get into shape. It is better to drink in the morning and just for pleasure and avoid overeating. Stimulants such as caffeine, gives you the impression of being less tired, but does not solve the problem. When the effects wear off fatigue back even stronger, and envy it of drinking coffee with. In addition to the addiction, fatigues accumulate and you never will recover. Do not drink at night to avoid the exciting effect at the time of bedtime.

The water is life. As you drink enough? Normally, during the day you should drink 1.5 liters of water. And even more if you do physical efforts: work or sport. Water helps to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. Do not wait to be thirsty for a drink. Your body sends you the information that you should drink when there is lack of water, so when it is too late.

You saw nothing complicated, except for the ones who are addicted to coffee. Before attempting a cure fishy that could cost you a small fortune, change some habits. And not forget to consult your doctor; he is the only one able to diagnose a drug. For many disease symptoms on fatigue, so if it is intense, and not transitory consult your doctor.

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