Information fatigue syndrome: That does not affect you

Everyday our brain receives an enormous amount of information to be process and respond. But the excess, as in all aspects of life, it is also harmful.

information fatigue syndrome

The work, the many responsibilities, the family, the course of the economy, news, political, social, health and all the details that we meet every day. After the day is normal to feel exhausted and is that information overload to which we are exposed every day can make us victims of information fatigue syndrome.

This is not only tiring, but that also has a bearing on an important aspect of our lives: the sleep. Sleeping allows us to relax and replenish our energy, but when our mind is filled with information it is difficult to fall asleep, resulting in a bad night and a very unproductive day. No doubt this has become one of the evils of the modern era.

It is therefore essential to search for alternatives to drain the tension produced by the great deal of information that we receive. Practicing physical activity, do yoga, pilates or meditation, and stress management are conscious of recommended alternatives.

Moreover, it is necessary to learn to disconnect the end of the day, avoid being in constant contact with our computer, mobile or TV before bed, and close the door on any information that may generates extra stress. Enjoys a good bath when to get home, share with your loved ones and seeks fall asleep from the hand of a good book, these are the best strategies to give break to the above information and prevent this syndrome.

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