The risks, benefits and side effects of LASIK eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a popular eye operation performed in several patients today, as this particular operation can correct several problems with eye vision. After surgery, people do not need to wear glasses or contact lenses. This is one of the benefits of laser eye surgery but what most people do not realize is that there are few risks of laser eye surgery and side effects.

LASIK eye surgery

Benefits of LASIK eye surgery

Since the LASIK eye surgery is very popular, the majority of patients who have had this type of operation before having been satisfied with the results, which means that they have had advantages as a result of the surgery.

The benefits of this surgery include:

  • Improved vision, therefore, patients are very happy that they do not need to wear contact lenses and glasses more.
  • Patients who take advantage of their new vision set to explore and experience new races could not do before because of the restrictions that gave his earlier vision.
  • Also, people who have had this operation can enjoy sports and other fun activities where vision was a problem, due to glasses or contact lenses had to use to play the game properly. There have also been cases of people with glasses or contact lenses where accidents occur when an element used in the game, for example, a ball struck his eye and either could damage your glasses or your own eyes because contact lenses will most likely be dropped or moved beyond the eye.
  • LASIK eye surgery is a safe and effective treatment, and this has been demonstrated by the number of people who have had this operation, in addition to positive response and results.
  • Some studies show that 93% of patients enjoy 20/40 vision after surgery or an even better, leaving patients with the joy of not having to wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • The global statistics of satisfied patient, happy of Lasik is an impressive 95%.

For the statistics of the clinic where you plan on having surgery, then you can ask the clinic staff or the doctor who treats for this. It is advised to do it so that you know if your chosen clinic is appropriate one. It would be better to talk with some former patients of your doctor so that you will have more resources and therefore can determine if you need to find another optometrist or not.

Risks of LASIK eye surgery

Although the percentage of patients who experience conflicts with this operation is very small, there are still risks and complications that exist and occur. Risks of laser eye surgery and side effects include:

  1. Eye infections.
  2. Dry eyes.
  3. The loss of a clear vision.
  4. Irregular astigmatism.
  5. Sensitivity to light.
  6. Blurred vision.
  7. Difficulty seeing at night.
  8. A glare or halo vision.
  9. Discomfort or pain in the eye, and an itchy feeling.
  10. Sightings of pink or red in the white part of the eye.

Despite these risks and side effects that rarely occur in reality. But if these happen to you, it is easily treated with medication and other treatments.

This is why you need to find an ophthalmologist (eye doctor/ ophthalmologist) who can be trusted to make your money is not wasted, because Lasik eye surgery cost is very expensive, even in one eye only.