Food for the woman

By our constitution, women need daily quantities other than those of men in regard to calcium, vitamins or proteins. So, here we discover 6 essential foods that improve our health and benefit our body.

food for women

It is scientifically proven that women should take a greater amount of calcium than men. Of all dairy products, yogurt is highly recommended by nutritionists, since a 125g Yogurt provides you with 250 mg calcium. Consuming two yogurts a day, we guarantee half of the necessary calcium.

French beans
This is one of the most complete vegetables: brings a lot of folic acid and vitamin B6, nutrients that strengthen the nervous system. Moreover, it is a vegetable that contains only calories: 100g are only 35 calories. You can not miss in your diet because it is a legume digestive, purifying and remineralizing. Nutritionists recommend taking it up to twice a week and portions ranging from 100g to 150g.

This variety Juicy peach with smooth skin and acid taste particularly interested in the women for their high content of beta carotene. On one hand, benefits our eyes avoiding eyestrain, and secondly, our skin gets win in smoothness and shine. Eating one piece two or three times a week we make sure one-third of the daily needs of vitamin A. Remember it is better to take it whole and unpeeled to maximize all its properties.

Although it may be considered a somewhat caloric food, oatmeal is our key partner for weight loss. By stimulating the thyroid gland contributes, on the one hand, to the burning of fats and other, favors the pancreas that can reduce the rate of sugar through insulin. Take it as muesli: the recommended daily allowance is 30 to 60 grams.

For a healthy heart chooses sardines. In addition to being an economic and very tasty fish, has a high content in omega 3: the most beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Not only the heart favors of this food, but also the membranes of all cells, since its require this type of acid in order to function. Sardines are a fish that can be consumed up to three times a week, as it also contain protein, vitamin D, calcium and selenium.

Sprouts are the ideal food supplement to provide vitamins and minerals your body. Besides lentils, alfalfa or poppy, soy is one of the most recommended for women. Thanks to its high protein and isoflavones, regulates hormones. Consume it twice a week in portions of about 60 grams.

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