Fibromyalgia: Yoga may help relieve your symptoms

Yoga is recommended to help alleviate some problems, because within its practice include meditation and movement and gentle stretching.


Today it has been found that Yoga may relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome among other things brings fatigue and chronic fatigue.

A study by the Health and Science University of Oregon in Portland, formed two groups of 25 women each, all diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the members of one group were told they had to take a yoga class two hours, once a week for eight weeks and who were the other group were told to continue their normal routine treatment.

Passed the eight weeks, showed that the group taking Yoga classes had improvements in their condition, both physically and physiologically, which brought with it a reduction in pain, fatigue, anxiety and sensitivity with rest better and be more animated.

“When we started, women were somewhat apprehensive, but once they got into the rhythm found it very useful,” said James Carson, the creator of the study, clinical psychologist and pain specialist at the University of Oregon Health and Science in Portland. “They came back after the first week and reported less pain, better sleep and a sense of encouragement for the first time in years. That kind of change continued to accumulate during the course of the program”.

In the group that conducted the Yoga classes mean pain scores were reduced from five to four on a scale of ten, although there was no improvement in overall score of “tender” and about 5% said “feeling much better” while the rest said “feel better”.

While in the group that did not take yoga classes, there were profound changes in pain.

Fibromyalgia is a disease that today has no cure and is characterized by tenderness in multiple areas of the body, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and problems of both memory and concentration. Furthermore, it is a condition difficult to treat and many patients report little relief and obtained with the drugs.

In addition Dr. Bruce Solitar, associate clinical professor of medicine in the division of rheumatology at the Medical Center NYU Langone in the city of New York, said that “probably worthwhile to try yoga. But with the exception that patients in the study were in a yoga class specially tailored to their needs, and perhaps local classes in a common yoga would be too intense”.

Experts advise people suffering from fibromyalgia and want to do Yoga seeking a gentle class type and make sure to discuss your problem with the teacher to design them special postures.

It is also essential that the Yoga class incorporates meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress and have better pain management.

Also, doctor’s advice taking classes in Tai Chi as an alternative to those of Yoga, Tai chi can help relieve pain, especially considering that like Yoga, Tai Chi is an exercise that unites body and mind, emphasizing movements soft and slow, as well as a deep breath and an excellent relaxation.

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