Exercises for stronger bones

All we know: Osteoporosis is a ghost that stalks us constantly. But besides food, some activities can help strengthen our bones and keep them healthy for longer.

exercise for stronger bones

Although as we get older our bone mass is decreasing, the arrival of menopause represents a period of important vulnerability, therefore it is necessary to work from early prevention to strengthen our bones and reduce the effects of aging.

A wonderful way to get it is hiking, so if you live in a city that is constantly going from one place to another on foot; congratulations! It is likely that you have bones much healthier than the sedentary people. Incorporating this activity into your routine, and that is that with 30 minutes a day and you’ll be stimulating bone growth.

Lifting weights, an activity that causes apprehension to many women, not only great for burning calories and shape our figure, but also a great way to strengthen our muscles and bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Tai Chi is a highly recommended for people with joint problems and injuries that make movement difficult, and this is due to its effects on the body are very beneficial, including that the loss of bone mass becomes slower once we started this activity.

Other practices such as Pilates and swimming are also highly recommended if you want to lose some calories, stay fit but mostly take care of your bones every day. Remember that health is in your hands, so get moving!

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