Effects of dietary sugar

You have certain elements of control in a diet is something possibly important, because as we all assume the excesses are bad fellow athletes, and in general, of all people. But if we are athletes should be more careful if it fits with our diet, and in this case, today we’ll talk about the effects of sugar in the diet, or rather, what consequences can have an excessive intake of simple sugars in our common foods.

dietary sugar

When we take sugar in the diet, basically what we do is because an increase in triglycerides, which are called “bad cholesterol” and that among many other effects, can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. In addition, heavy drinking can also lead to liver disorders and some diseases, some of which are reversible in most cases, but may not always be possible, so prevention is especially important in this case.

Fructose is the sweetest natural sugar, and in many cases we have no control sugar in our diets. The reason is that it is in many foods, in fact, some experts say that 10% of daily energy comes from fructose. Thus, it can not escape, but if we can take some strategies that lead to power control at levels not harmful to our health.

Fructose is found in fruits and corn syrup. Used as a sweetener ingredient in processed foods (sugary drinks, pastries, cereals, cookies, etc).

The statistics show that 30% of adults in developed countries suffer the consequences of this process, and 70% to 90% of people suffering from obesity or diabetes. Other effects of sugar in diets are the negative changes in blood lipids, cholesterol also raise, and we have already mentioned above, cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, it is worth to relocate the proper supervision of the sugars contained in our diet, and also our regular doctor we go taking tests to diagnose these problems proactively before it become irreversible.

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