Combat excessive sweating

In hot perspire more, and in some people this causes bad smell and other uncomfortable situations. Here are some tips to combat excessive sweating.

combat excessive sweating

Summer heat is often cause for joy and happiness, but not for everyone. Particularly for those who suffer from excessive sweating, or who, for various reasons, others emit unpleasant odors with sweat, the summer heat is cause for much concern.

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The antiperspirant is often an effective, but is harmful to the long, saturating the pores and preventing the outflow of perspiration, which is our “Cleaner” toxins.

Deodorants are also very effective, but sometimes seem to be insufficient. So learn some homemade solutions to combat these evils summer.

First, the number one trick to combat excessive sweating is to keep us cool. We must use appropriate clothing, natural fibers, loose, and possibly stay in ventilated, dry, and fresh.

Remember that the synthetic fibers promote both perspiration as the odors. It is also advisable to follow a well balanced diet, not too spicy, but rather fresh, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fluids.

Tips to avoid bad smell in sweating

To combat odors, there are many homemade tricks that we can apply. A very simple one is, after every shower, place a few drops of fresh lemon juice in the armpits.

The lemon removes odors and is very effective, although contraindicated after waxing, like apple cider vinegar, another useful ingredient to eliminate odors.

It is also a great ally in this battle the baking soda, which “absorb” odors and keeps the armpits dry. To use it, place it on clean and dry underarms, and try not to wear dark colors because as deodorant talc will leave a white powder on the skin.

A curious fact: The lettuce is an excellent natural deodorant. To use this benefit, we must crush some fresh lettuce leaves well, and use the resulting liquid applied with a cotton ball in our armpits. For added security, we should not wear white because it may still be a few yellowish or greenish spots.

Proper hydration is very important because it facilitates the digestion of some foods and condiments that can promote the development of odors.

Drinking plenty of fluids helps to correct transpiration, less “saturated”. We, among many others, drinking a cup of sage tea, which has the particularity to regulate and normalize the activity of the sweat glands.

We also can make a smoothie or blending of tomatoes and Sage, which we placed in the armpits.

In summary, dress in mostly light colors, proper ventilation, light and balanced diet, good hydration and daily hygiene will be our greatest allies in the fight against excessive sweating and odor caused by perspiration in times of heat.