Burn fat with cardiovascular exercise

One of the overriding reasons that put into action the masses to perform exercises in particular aerobics or cardiovascular, is to burn fat, recover the figure, toning and shaping, making our body a real sculpture.

cardiovascular exercise

Today we will learn about the details, why, and some curiosities of cardio to burn fat and achieve a beautiful figure.

The aim of exercise is the first thing that we should observe. The choice not only routine and constancy, but the type of exercise in general, depend on what you want to accomplish with your practice, whether toning, sculpting, or even burn some extra kilos.

Cardiovascular exercise is ideal for weight loss and achieve a beautiful figure, as long as accompanied by a proper nutrition and hydration, and with a mind ready to work and get benefits in certain time periods. No exercise or diets are magical: if you want to achieve a slim body, you must work for it.

Types of cardiovascular exercise
Basically, there are two types of cardiovascular exercise: the high intensity and high intensity for intervals of time. While the names may be confusing, there is a simple explanation: all cardiovascular exercise is, in some way, high-intensity. On the other hand, we have another type: cardiovascular at rest or regulate.

It is called the high-intensity exercises that develop in periods of time: aerobic dancing or aerobic gymnastics are clear examples of this.

On the other hand, high-intensity intervals are carried out with great impact and effort in short periods of time, usually no longer than 60 seconds, such as blows to the bag or punching ball practice.

To be effective in this type of exercise, you should make effort intervals and rest intervals, or less in length and 3-5 repetitions in general, as it is this combination of exercise and rest which helps burn fat.

A more intense, more effective
There are exercises that, in nature, are considered cardiovascular, but do not possess the highest effectiveness for burning fat, unless you make them in a particular manner: by raising the body requirement in practice. For example, spend 30 minutes walking on the treadmill can be a healthy activity, but if you really want to turn it into something high intensity, you should walk, for example, only ten minutes on a treadmill at a faster rate, perhaps with some degree of tilt, and even will achieve very different results if you run 10 seconds on a treadmill at 10° tilt.

The important thing is to remember the goal of training. While the effort is what makes them ideal cardiovascular exercises to burn fat, you must remember never overtax your body, it could cause injury. Accompany your training with proper nutrition, including the intake of carbohydrates and proteins, for you must replenish the energy expended to make your body feel with vitality and at the same time, you’re eliminating stored fat in all areas of your body.

Breathe slowly and deeply to workout, and stay hydrated before, during and after exercise to help your body eliminate toxins and fat that you’re fighting so effectively.