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How to stimulate a 2 months baby

Babies are not stimulated in their first months of life, typically have higher learning difficulties in the future.

stimulate 2 months baby

After two months, the baby usually identify where and is much more alert to all kinds of stimuli, demonstrating greater interest in their environment and stares at the objects, can smile and know with certainty that by crying can meet their needs and has begun to hold her head up for a few seconds.

Some ideas to stimulate the 2 (two) months baby

  • To encourage him, we should only carry out simple and repetitive actions, such as, change the place from time to time, walk him through different environments, many external and internal, that is stimulated hearing and seeing different things.
  • Continue to share moments with people other than mom and dad, grandparents, neighbors, friends, etc..
  • In his crib placed brightly colored toys, calling his name, sit start using pillows. The clothes that puts him, must be comfortable, allow him to move around without difficulty.
  • Both bathing and changing him, give a toy so he developed the muscles in hi little hands and explore them.
  • Leave him for a while naked, so can move freely around his body and help the correct development of his muscles, you can help by performing with his legs pedaling movement or heaving your knees toward hid abdomen (flexing).
  • Help him to rotate as he is upside down, pass your finger gently down his back (along your spine), this will make the child try looking up.
  • By gesturing and establish any contact with him, respond with a smile. Talk as long as possible and do not forget the music.
  • To enhance his view, you can zoom in and out objects, also surround him with brightly colored soft toys and even place him near mirrors.
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